This is Poppy. She is Poppyshadow's cat fursona.

About PoppyEdit

Name: Poppyshadow

Nickname: Poppy

Species: Elemental (half wind, half water)

Age: 13yr old (human yrs)

friends: ex-best friend - Adderheart, Blazeclaw, Trevor, Hiccoup, Blondie, Surge, Slushy, Chocolate milk, Zenos and Trin.

Home: past - Waterclan, Windclan ~ Current - (no clan)

History: She was born into Waterclan as an elemental. Her mother was an watermental and her father was a Windmental. She left Waterclan to live with her father along with her brother when they were kits. The Father then left windclan. Her brother went with him but Poppy stayed to become a warrior. Once she became one her ex-best friend asked to be mates, she rejected him and he tried to force her to mate with him but she fled from the camp and never went back. Once she was free she met 8 cats called Blondie, Surge, Slushy, Chocolate milk, Zenos, Trin, Trevor and Hiccoup. Since then she has been traveling with them. She found out that 6 of then used to be in the clans. Blondie is a firemental; Surge, Slushy and Zenos are Watermentals and Chocolate milk and Trin are Earthmentals. One day she met a Firemental from fireclan, called Blazeclaw, and she fell inlove with him. He only liked her as a friend and now she secretly wishes for them to be mates.


Father: Doger (formaly dogtooth)

Mother: Petalfall

Sister: Beestripe

Brother: Camron (formaly Mudpaw)

Uncles: Airwhisker, Wavetail

Aunts: Riversplash, Nectorclaw, Juniperleaf

Cousins: Cresspaw, Acornpelt, Freckleheart, Ripplefang, Rez, Kinkears and Breezeleap.

Grand-father: Pops

Grand-mothers: Gentalflower, Berrygaze

Family treeEdit

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