How Much I Need You is by Emeralde. :3

Chapter One

Menirah sat in the apprentice's den by her sister, Genich. They were members of the Hilima Tribe, located in the desert. Each cat had a skill for surviving with little or no water.

Her mind was troubled. Midnight was coming, and the Wolfsong would soon ring through the air, awakening the camp as it did each night. No cat but Kiniklax had gotten used to it.

Menirah thought about her heritage. She was descended from the Desert Tribe of Ancients. The only thing really, truly, and wholly recieved from the Tribe of Ancients was their dark pelts. Hers was different.

Most everyone in the Hilima Tribe had black, gray, or sand-ginger pelts, making it easier to hunt at night for the Darks and during the day for the Sands. But Menirah was not much use.

Her pelt was a bright blue gray.

Her pelt stood out from anything except water.

And there was no water here.

Except the trickles that were given to the Elders or the Nursing-ones.

Menirah's thoughts were broken into by a claw-curling shriek. The Wolfsong was upon them.

Genich jolted from the sand-nest. "What?! The wolves! The wolves are coming!"

As it happened every night, the whole camp stirred and leaped around, terrified, claws sifting through the sand, yowling various calls. "Get away!" "Stay back!" "The wolves! The wolves!" "A shadow! I saw a shadow!"

And, as she did every night, Kiniklax stayed calm. "The Wolfsong comes every night. They are far off, in unexplored territory. They have never come here. They never will. What importance are we to them? They don't know about us, and if they did they wouldn't care."

Menirah thought again of how great her mother was, always staying calm at the Wolfsong's approach and every battle that faced her.

Only an Elder called Hananira contradicted Kiniklax. "But they have come, Kiniklax. You should know it best. They took your third kit."

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