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Hi there. I'm Poppy and welcome to Feline and Canine art and stories! I hope u enjoy it here and tell your friends about this place since the more people, the better this wiki will be! Right, your probally thinking what the point of this wiki is... well the title mainly says it all but if your still confused... This site is for all u cat and dog lovers with the addition of wolves, lions, leapords, and many more! This site is where u can let loose your characters in stories and/or pictures or even comics!

If you have any questions or ideas just create a new topic on the Main talk page or my talk page.

Well thats enough from me, I want to here more from you!


New on here?Edit

Well hello there! Are you new? Great! Before you start i would like you to fill this mini form out and then you are set to go and explore the wiki!

(Plz send this to me at




Artist, Writer or both:

How did u find this wiki?

~You do not need to fill this out if you don't want to.


Okay this is important so always cheak this every week or so!

We need some people to take up these postions for the wiki. If u wish to apply for this go to my talk page and send me a message saying why you should be appointed the job and the future plans you have.

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Do u like this wiki?

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